What does your website do?

Our website helps you automatically generate a travel itinerary based on the city you are visiting, number of days, travel style and hobbies. We even suggest restaurants for you and help you optimise your travel route!

How does your website do that?

Our dedicated geek team spent hours and hours writing an algorithm that analyses and compares your hobbies against the ranking of the attractions in our database. We find the most popular attractions that suit your preference and compile them into a sensible route for you.

How do I know whether your website’s suggestions are well-founded and reliable?

Our website has been used and trusted by millions around the world. Read testimonials and sample itineraries that our satisfied users have generated.

Can I use your website without registering or signing in?

Of course, but registered users can enjoy extra features, for example saving your trip plans, favourites, and tailored recommendations.

Registered users can also choose to receive email reminders as your date of departure nears. We will not spam you, we promise.
You can also log in using Facebook and Google+.

Who are the brains behind this website?

We are a group of travel enthusiasts from Hong Kong, who fully understand the pains of making a travel itinerary. We established this website with the goal of revolutionising travel planning — we truly hope that you find this website helpful for your travels, and that you can take the hassle and worrying out of travelling.

If you resonate with our cause and would like to buy us a coffee, we would really appreciate that. All the money received would go into improving and expanding our website. Alternatively, if you identify yourself as a talent that we need, click here to apply and join our team.

User Support

How do I view the itinerary of another day?

There is a button for each day in the banner in the middle of the page, just below the city description. Click to view the itinerary for that day.

Why should I add an accommodation?

Adding an accommodation helps us calculate a more accurate and optimal route for you, since we will then adopt your place of stay as the start and end points of each day.

I cannot find my hostel in your list of hotels

If your accommodation is not in our hotel list, there is also an option for you to input an address manually.

How do I travel between two attractions?

We have incorporated transit instructions into the itinerary for you, courtesy of Google Maps. Mouse-over to view detailed transport instructions. We are not responsible for any inaccurate information or accidents that might occur due to the transit instructions given.

What if I do not like your suggestion?

There is a cross at the bottom right hand corner of each attraction box — just click it to remove it from your itinerary.

What if I love a certain attraction?

Click on the heart at the bottom right hand corner of the attraction box to add it to your Favourites list. Clicking on the heart also helps more fellow travellers know about the attraction!

I want to add an attraction that is not already in the itinerary.

Don’t worry, we have already ranked the attractions by category on the right hand side of the itinerary page. Just click the plus button to add it to your itinerary.

I want to know what attractions I will be visiting at a glance.

Clicking on the Overview button in the banner will bring you to the overview page where you can see all the attractions that we have suggested for you in a list view and a map view. The list is sorted by category by default. You can also view in alphabetical order or by day. Clicking on a pin will pull up more information about the attraction, and also pull it up on the map.

Tell me more about the map overview.

The pins have different colours indicating the day that the attraction will be visited on. Clicking on a pin will pull up more information about the attraction.

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What is your privacy policy?

We view your privacy and data with utmost importance. Read more about our privacy policy here.